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The William Angliss Institute at SLIIT is prepared to assist with Culinary Tourism in Sri Lanka. We at the William Angliss Institute at SLIIT Bocuse d’Or Sri Lanka (National) Competition 2023 for Asia Pacific Finals hosted the Cook Offs for the second time on July 23rd, 2023, and it was a huge success.

Proud moment for William Angliss Institute Melbourne! We are thrilled to announce that they have won the prestigious Victorian Tourism Industry Council (VTIC) Student Entrepreneurial Awards.

The William Angliss Institute @ SLIIT has formed a collaboration with Resplendent Ceylon to establish an academy for southern Sri Lanka to encourage people to begin developing their talents in the hospitality, food, events, and tourist industries.

William Angliss Institute @ SLIIT proudly hosted a captivating site tour and indulgent lunch for 30 esteemed delegates from Lyceum Academy on June 22, 2023. Our immersive demonstration and
familiarization program showcased our institute’s exceptional offerings, igniting a spark of curiosity and ambition among our guests. Together, we’re shaping the path toward a brighter and more successful future.

Vimukthi Rupasingha from CC08 won a gold medal for Desserts at the recent salon culinair which is at Shangri-la Colombo pastry.

The Naval & Maritime Academy is the Sri Lanka Navy’s top training institution. As a way to extend their

The recent familiarization tour to Shangri-La Colombo led by the Learning and Development Department of Shangri-La Colombo provided Travel and Tourism students at William Angliss Institute @ SLIIT with an exceptional opportunity to learn about the hospitality industry and hotel operations. The program commenced by providing students with an overview of how the travel and tourism industry is integrated with hotel operations. During the field trip, the students explored various hotel departments, including the front desk, maintenance, and food and beverage. The students were given the opportunity to study room reservation procedures and systems, with a focus on revenue optimization. Students learned about the hospitality industry and the Shangri-la brand, including its history and specialty, Asian Hospitality. The session was rather significant as it was conducted by two alumni of William Angliss Institute @ SLIIT.

The 09th Annual Graduation ceremony honoring the graduates of the William Angliss Institute at SLIIT’s five streams of Hospitality Management, Commercial Cookery, Patisserie, Event Management, and Travel & Tourism was held on April 2nd, 2023.

Bringing Hope to Gifted Youth: William Angliss Institute @ SLIIT ‘HOPEFUL’ 3K Run for Charity Student Organising Committee Visited ‘Friends Lanka Child Foundation’ Centre for Special Needs Children in Beruwala on the 24th of March 2023 to spend the day with these exceptional children.

Commemorating the ‘World Tourism Day’ 2022, William Angliss Institute @ the SUIT organised a Tourism Day Celebration on the theme ‘Rethinking Tourism’, set by the World Tourism Organization.

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