Welcome to the Colombo Academy of Hospitality Management (WAI@SLIIT), a joint venture with the Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT) and the William Angliss Institute (WAI), Australia. The collaboration through WAI with SLIIT and WAI is a great achievement and a very unique model in educating and providing opportunities for passionate individuals to participate in the hospitality and tourism industry which is booming and is such an important economic sector in Sri Lanka and our neighbouring countries.

Our partnership with the William Angliss Institute, Australia brings 80 years of expertise in teaching delivery specialising in foods, tourism, hospitality and events. The Institute’s main campus is based in Melbourne and there are several partnerships worldwide. When you successfully complete your studies at WAI@SLIIT you become part of the William Angliss Institute ‘global community’ of graduates. Armed with an Australian qualification that is highly regarded by employers, your certification becomes your passport to the world.

‘Refreshingly Sri Lanka’, ‘The Friendly Nation’ or the ‘Wonder of Asia’, no matter how this nation is described, it is truly emerging as a top tourist destination. With rapid construction and development, the hospitality and tourism industry is alive and well. It is time for all of us in Sri Lanka to embrace the ever changing landscape, nurture this unique environment, respect cultural diversity and showcase the vibrancy that Sri Lanka has to offer and be capable to share to the world. Prosperity is for all to share.

Studying hospitality opens up a variety of career path choices, our industry is vast, incorporating hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, cafes, airlines, cruise ships, events, convention centres, travel operators and tourist guides. Our teaching and learning experience occurs in ‘state of the art’ facilities with the most modern industry specific equipment. The Australian curriculum delivered goes beyond just theory and in a classroom. Our exceptional and highly skilled academic staff focus on the personal growth and development of each individual, whilst incorporating teamwork and collaboration with numerous activities and events that creates a campus life with a proud sense of community spirit.

We combine our learning methods with industry site visits, international and domestic guest speakers, paid part time and casual employment opportunities, the annual industry conference, global and domestic organisations visit and recruit, study abroad agency presentations, renowned and famous chefs conducting master classes, competitions for students to participate here and overseas. Our relationship with key industry stakeholders and global brands in Sri Lanka and Southern Asia strengthens every day and the demand for remarkable graduates is sought after competitively, giving our students an abundance of choice.

Our graduates are energetic, creative, innovative and full of enthusiasm and with the combination of exceptional knowledge, industry ‘job ready’ practical skills and the right attitude, Our students are in their prime to meet and exceed industry standards. In fact, 100% of our recent batch of exiting students have been employed or have chosen further study options in South East Asia and Australia. Choosing a career path should be driven by the desire of what one really wants to do, and hospitality is such a versatile industry, learning is lifelong so why don’t you choose to ‘Learn what you Love’! I know that studying with us will be exciting, interesting, colorful and challenging, yet also a very rewarding experience. I encourage you to now take the next step in ‘creating your tomorrow’.

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