The William Angliss Institute @ CAHM Students recently prepared and served lunch for a Victorian Government Delegation headed by the Honourable Philip Dalidakis – Minister for Trade and Innovation and Minister for Small Business, also visiting was Mr. Pablo Salina – Senior Adviser to the Minister, Ms. Michelle Wade – Victorian Government Commissioner to South Asia, Ms. Gonul Serbest – A/ Deputy Secretary – Department of Economic Development and Ms. Annie Santhana – Regional Director, Education, Victorian Government.

CAHM Chairman Mr. Errol Weerasinghe, the Board of Directors  and representatives from SLIIT warmly welcomed the delegation and discussed numerous training opportunities to support and develop the youth of the nation and to continue our strong partnerships with our existing industry partners. 

The students from Commercial Cookery – Certificate III combined their creativity whilst fulfilling the required curriculum outcomes to prepare an elaborate array of colourful food options for the delegation. Selected students from Batch 12 invited the delegates to the campus and student representatives from Batch 11 had the honour to serve the dignitaries.

The Ministerial Delegation’s lunch and visit was thoroughly enjoyed by all and just before the guests departure CAHM Centre Director Mr. Steven Bradie-Miles invited the guests on a campus tour to showcase the state of the art facilities and to meet a number of students where there was dialogue about their student experiences and their future career objectives.