Colombo Academy of Hospitality Management in partnership with William Angliss Institute (RTO No: 3045), Australia.


Experience and learn the fundamentals of Cakes, Pastries, Desserts and Breads with our highly skilled professionals. Take the opportunity to grow your home skills or expand your business by incorporating the knowledge gained by the courses. You will develop the skill to finish products in a professional manner while learning the courses at a specialised training kitchen at the campus.

Once through Immigration go to the baggage carousel – but you have to walk through Duty Free first. Please note no tobacco is sold at Duty Free on arrival, it is only sold on departure. Once bags are collected and you have nothing to declare, go through the customs green area.

Now entering into the terminal you will be confronted with banks you can change currency here before leaving the airport, you will need your passport. There are a few ATM’s too.

Central Bank of Sri Lanka – Exchange rates

Customs in Sri Lanka (Airport)

Passenger baggage exemptions – tourists

  • Personal clothing and other essentials;
  • Two regular-size bottles of wine and one and a half litres of spirits;
  • Toiletries (perfume/ aftershave) not exceeding a quarter of a litre, and a small quantity of perfumes and souvenirs, value not exceeding US$250 and goods not meant for commercial purposes.
  • Cigarettes/ Tobacco – technically not allowed to bring in – but no one has been stopped unless locals or carrying excessive amounts of cartons.

Bank & ATM Locations

ATM Locations for Commercial Bank

  • Rajagiriya – Cotta Road
  • Rajagiriya – Sri Jayawardenepura Mawatha just 10 minute walk from Royal Park.(Near McDonalds, there is a Standard Chartered (ideal ATM, gives smaller denominations of notes) at the end of the road and also
  • HSBC opposite near the McDonalds).
  • Rajagiriya – Keels Supermarket

ATM Locations for Sampath Bank

  • Union Place – Colombo 02 (No.228, Union Place)
  • Drive in ATM – Colombo 07 (Dharmapala Mawatha)
  • Sampath Leasing Factoring : Colombo 07 (No.24A, Ward Place)
  • Rajagiriya – Keels Supermarket

ATM Locations for Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank

  • HSBC ATM next to McDonalds Rajagiriya.
  • 63, Union Place, Colombo 2. Customer Service Hotline [94] (11) 2511611
  • 46/38, Forbes & Walker Building, Navam Mawatha, Colombo 2. Customer Service Hotline [94] (11) 2511611
  • 51 A, Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 3. (Kolupittiya) Customer Service Hotline [94] (11) 2511611

Accommodation may be arranged at Royal Park Apartments – 115, Lake Drive, Rajagiriya Colombo.

Royal Park contact numbers: 0112 878 031 or 0112 888 374

The Tuk Tuk’s (three wheelers) directly outside the apartment are not metered taxis so you will have to barter the price of your destination, which can be more expensive. If you walk out of the apartment, head towards the Standard Chartered Bank (on the left – at the top of Lake Drive) generally 2 to 3 Tuk Tuk’s that are metered will be waiting to collect passengers .

Average trip downtown will be approx.. 500 LKR in a metered Tuk Tuk. Make sure the meter is on and that you have small denominations of money to pay. If Tuk Tuk drivers hassle you, asking where you are going and you don’t want to catch their Tuk Tuk, just tell them you are going for a walk. In most cases, when you say no thank you once, the Tuk Tuk drivers will say O.K and leave you alone.

Apartment (Royal Park – Rajagiriya)

Royal Park Apartments provide luxury accommodation with all the comforts and amenities you could desire. Located at the edge of the city of Colombo, the condominium is situated away from frantic city life. Royal Park offers its residents excellent recreational facilities, shops and other in-house services. The peaceful surroundings are perfect for studying and a relaxed lifestyle, with the city and major amenities within easy reach.

Security Facilities

  • Video and Audio Intercom security system to all individual unit entrances
  • CCTV monitoring system at the boundary of the complex
  • Round the clock security service controlled directly from the control room

Apartment Facilities

  • Heated water and modern sanitary fittings in all bathrooms
  • Separate entrance, room and toilet for domestic help
  • TV/ FM/ Telephone points for individual units
  • Split type air conditioning unit for bedrooms, living and dining rooms
  • Modern kitchen with built in stainless steel sink, hot and cold water, gas and electric
  • Laundry facilities such as a washing machine is provided, some apartments have clothes
  • Cooker (Hob) and exhaust hood dryers.

Recreational/ Entertainment Facilities

  • Tennis court
  • Squash court
  • Children’s playground, family friendly environment
  • Large size resort style swimming pool and deck chairs
  • Fully equipped gymnasium / sauna
  • Spacious courtyard ideal for leisure walks and jogging tracks
  • Cafe/ Restaurant & bar – licensed to serve alcohol

Apartment Facilities

  • Cargill’s Food City Mini Super Market (everything you need, accept fresh meat/ seafood)
  • There are fruit and vegetables, dairy products, frozen produce, personal hygiene and cleaning products.
  • Tobacco/ cigarettes are available for sale.
  • Fully landscaped large garden and courtyard.
  • Beauty salon/ hairdresser.
  • Laundry service kiosk, dry cleaning and repairs.
  • Three backup generators.
  • Situated in a quiet residential area.
  • Healthy environment and bird sanctuary surrounding the condominium.
  • Adjacent to Royal Colombo Golf Club.
  • All-round view of Colombo city and the suburbs.

Other Information about Royal Park

  • Apartments can have Wi-Fi access arranged.
  • Three Bank ATM’s (10 minute walking distance from the apartments).
  • Transport times vary due to traffic and peak periods.
  • The ATM’s are Standard Chartered, HSBC and the People’s Bank. The Standard Chartered bank is more suitable as you do not need to cross the major road.
  • Nation’s Trust Bank ATM is near the front security at Royal Park.
  • Apartments can be serviced with domestic cleaning
  • Two, three and four bedroom apartments, centrally located 30 mins from the campus and 20 mins to city centre.
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