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International fees and charges Hospitality management Level Semester Duration Tuition Fee Certificate III in Hospitality 1 6 months USD 4,100 Diploma of Hospitality Management Stage -1 2 6 months USD 4,100 Diploma of Hospitality Management Stage -2 3 6 months USD 4,100 Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management 4 6 months USD 4,100 Total Tuition Fee

Entry Requirements main courses Sri Lankan Students 5 Ordinary Level Passes including English language in local or london ordinary level examination International Students 5 passes in the 10th standard including English language *Prior industry experience, professional and academic qualifications from any other nationally / internationally acclaimed university may make you eligible for exemptions from the

culture and lifestyle culture The culture of Sri Lanka has been influenced by many factors but has managed to retain much of its ancient aspects. Mostly it has been influenced by its long history and its Buddhist heritage. The country has a rich artistic tradition, embracing the fine arts, including music, dance, and visual arts.

Medical and Transport Assistance Medical / Doctor Service that will come to you at the Royal Park Apartments Medi-Calls is a 24 hour Medical Support, with a Doctor on call that will come to the apartment. To register for this annual service, you are required to pay a fee. Once the fee is paid you

Arrival Experience and learn the fundamentals of Cakes, Pastries, Desserts and Breads with our highly skilled professionals. Take the opportunity to grow your home skills or expand your business by incorporating the knowledge gained by the courses. You will develop the skill to finish products in a professional manner while learning the courses at a

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experience is everything.
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