What is your current role and what does it involve?

  • Designer coordination and events production coordination
  • The above positions involve a lot of communicating with clients, designers and suppliers and sponsors. My main position is Designer coordination where my job tasks is to arrange an array of conferences and meetings and the overall event. Between the manager and the designers and suppliers. Handling payments and sponsorships etc.
  • In event production coordination, I work in a team unlike in designer coordination which is a stand-alone position. I help plan and carry-out the overall event itself. From beginning to end. Working with guests, suppliers and handlings goods, once again handling sponsors and payments received by clients, supplies etc.

What is the best thing about studying at CAHM and what have you found to be most valuable?

  • The superior and detailed level of education they provide. CAHM has been a very adaptable and friendly place and is a great learning environment. The staff and classmates have all been equals where everyone is treated like professionals, which builds up a student’s confidence abundantly.
  • The one out of many valuable things to be found at CAHM would be the friendships we make with students as well as lecturers and staff. We end up learning a lot from each other outside the classroom as well, which is much more practical and easier to grasp. The friendships become great contacts in the future as everyone is in the hospitality industry. That would be considered one of the most valuable things in the long run.

What aspects of your study have you found to be most valuable?

Being a student to pursue a career in event management, learning to communicate with an array of different characters and personalities is the biggest task, studying in CAHM definitely opened me up to that opportunity, being taught how to handle stress and multitask. Leaning to keep an eye for detail. These have been great points to remember and apply in my workspace.

What are your plans for the future?

In the near future I plan on transferring to the Melbourne University and completing my degree further in Event Management, and continue working for commercial events and gaining experience along the way.

What have you enjoyed most about your course?

The fact that each and every aspect of hospitality was broken down for us and made easier to understand and taught to us in a very methodical manner. We ended up learning so much more than we expected, from the lecturers as well as one another.

CAHM has a superior level of understanding and having students from all walks of life and this helps each and every one open themselves up to a whole new set of people and build confidence in each other. Which has been one of the greatest things about CAHM. It’s diversity.

Words of wisdom

Passion gets you only halfway there, you need to have determination, confidence and mainly you need to not fear taking risks. A lot of new experiences in life would scare us, but taking risks will help you get what you want, or help you build up your confidence, there’s no way to lose. Know your basics, be able to teach others, there is nothing more satisfying than putting all your knowledge and hard work into action and seeing everything come together and the praise and happiness by your guests, at the end of the day.

Challenges you’ve faced by choosing a Tourism and Hospitality related programme.

Some of the challenges for me have been.

  • To discipline myself and train myself to be professional in the workplace.
  • To learn to thrive under pressure and not break down
  • To apply my knowledge and skills in my daily work
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