The Colombo Academy of Hospitality Management (CAHM) provides students with the best campus life. The students not only get the best of education, but through the practical sessions the students are able to be a part of the fun activities.

The academy abides by diversity, and thereby ensures that events such as Avurudu, Christmas, general luncheons, themed dinner parties, Halloween and other festivals are celebrated. Each event is organized, managed and presented by each student along with the guidance of their allocated teacher.

In order to understand the industry better, they are taken on excursions to hotels in and out of Colombo and are able to meet the key point of contact. This enables the students to build their own network as they go on this journey.

Apart from the above CAHM gives many opportunities to students to take part in Competitions such as Young Chef Olympiad, Chef’s Guild Competition, and the National Bartender Competition. Students of the academy have done us proud and we look forward to having more students with the same enthusiasm to succeed!

Providing the best facilities for academic and practical purposes, CAHM has a café providing students with breakfast and lunch. There is a doctor on call and first aid if required.

The campus provides a shuttle service from the Colpetty route to Malabe and also towards Athurugiriya.

Being a part of the CAHM family will ensure success and the best two years of a student’s life.