Coffee Making Short Course

Learn the fundamentals of Professional Coffee Making with William Angliss Institute @ SLIIT

  1. Evolution and introduction to coffee
  2. Coffee machine station and equipment knowledge
  3. Espresso menu and extraction analysis
  4. Coffee grinding techniques
  5. Texturing milk
  6. Daily work station keeping
  7. Coffee preparation (12 types of Coffee)
  • Cappuccino
  • Café Latte
  • Flat White
  • Long Black
  • Long Macchiato
  • Espresso
  • Short Macchiato
  • Ristretto
  • Weak Latte
  • Strong Latte
  • Piccolo Latte
  • Mocha

Why follow short courses with William Angliss Institute @ SLIIT?

Our partnership with the William Angliss Institute, Australia brings 80 years of expertise in teaching delivery, specializing in foods, tourism, hospitality and events. We deliver the best components as required by the market with quality.

The short courses at William Angliss Institute @ SLIIT offers a wide range of components for our participants.

What can you learn?

Knowledge in Coffee Making with a professional Espresso machine and the 12 types of Coffees which are included in the course. Opportunity to grow your home skills or expand your business by incorporating the knowledge to your business. Develop your skills to finish the products in a professional manner.

What You Get ?

  • Hands On Training With Professionals
  • Using Our Specialized Professional Espresso Machine
  • Recipes & Required Stationery
  • Branded Linen Apron
  • Carry Bag and Materials 
  • Coffee Booklet
  • Certificate of Attendance (non Accredited)

Dress Code

It is recommended that the participants wear flat covered shoes, clean and comfortable clothing, without heavy work with beads and sequins since we are handling foods.

Long hair should be tied up and minimal jewelry should be worn to ensure food safety procedures are being followed.


Participants must be over 15 years old.


Hospitality Management
April / August / December
Travel & Tourism Management
April / August / December
Event Management
April / August / December
Commercial Cookery
April / August / December
April / August / December
Cert. i in Hospitality
February / June / October
Short Courses

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