Advanced Diploma Programme With A Degree Pathway In Australia

As an institute that is specializing in Hospitality, Tourism, Foods and Events management, WAI@SLIIT gives you the opportunity of obtaining variety of certifications and Advanced diploma based on your entry qualifications.

Hospitality Management Programmes (Full Time)

This qualification consolidates your skills and knowledge gained from the Advanced Certificate of hotel operations and the Diploma, and further develops your knowledge in the areas of business planning, financial operations, managing human resources, marketing strategy, and property management. On completion of the Advanced Diploma of Hospitality, employment opportunities become available in a variety of hospitality management functional areas. Elective bundles cover areas such management and function and venue management.


International travel agencies, airline, resorts and tour operators all recognise our expert training and seek out our skilled graduates.
Delivering comprehensive hands-on knowledge, Advanced Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management will provide you with the skills required to work in the retail travel industry. Presentations by industry professionals will expose you to industry trends and future career options in travel and tourism sector.

Commercial Cookery Programmes (Full Time)

Our Institute, courses are designed to give both our students the very best preparation for a career in commercial cookery. Students develop the fundamental skills and knowledge required in professional cooking and kitchen management using state-of-the art facilities The William angliss Institute for over 75 years has been a leader in cookery, patisserie, bakery and food processing and has produced some of Australia’s best-known chefs. Vocations in food are for creative and passionate people with culinary experiences of all kinds.

Event Management Programme (Part Time)

The Advance Diploma of Event Management focuses on organizing in house functions then progressing to larger event projects. You will work with real clients to run real events. The Advanced Diploma of Event Management builds on the skills, knowledge and experience gained from, Running event and guides student into management perspectives.

Patisserie Programme in Sri Lanka (Full Time)

SIT31016 CERTIFICATION III IN PATISSERIE (STAGE -1) SEMESTER 1 (6 MONTHS) Unit Code Unit Title SITHCCC001 Use food preparation equipment SITHCCC005 Prepare dishes using basic methods of cookery SITXFSAOO1 Use hygienic practices for food safety SITXWHSOO1 Participate in safe work practices SITHKOPOO1 Clean kitchen premises and equipment SITXHRMOO1 Coach others in job skills SITXLNV002 Maintain


Hospitality Management
April / August / December
Travel & Tourism Management
April / August / December
Event Management
April / August / December
Commercial Cookery
April / August / December
April / August / December
Cert. i in Hospitality
February / June / October
Short Courses

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