The Colombo Academy of Hospitality Management (CAHM) @ SLIIT held the monthly Home Economics Workshop on the 24th of February 2016 at the Academy in Malabe, where the following schools were invited for the workshop;

  1. Dunagaha Ranasinghe M.V Minuwangoda
  2. Sri Rathnasara M.V Minuwangoda
  3. Dudliy Senanayake M.V Minuwangoda
  4. Khairiya Muslim Girls College Colombo
  5. Anula Vidyalaya Nugegoda
  6. Clifton Balika Maha Vidyalaya Colombo
  7. Royal College Colombo
  8. St. Paul’s Girls School Milagiriya
  9. Godigamuwa M.V Akaragama
  10. Ananda Balika Vidyalaya Kotte


This is a CSR initiative for over one hundred students from Schools in Colombo and Minuwangoda; and was a programme to create awareness on further studies and career pathways in the industries of Foods, Hospitality, Tourism and Events.
Over the past year we at CAHM have identified this as a great opportunity to ensure that the light of hospitality reaches a greater audience. Given that, to date we have had over 1000 students at our campus, CAHM @ SLIIT, Malabe attending these workshops.


The lecturers at the Academy covered areas such as culinary skills, identifying ingredients, introducing kitchen tools, basics on setting a table, grooming standards, etiquette, industry challenges, future plans to increase tourism and development of the overall industry and more topics related to Hospitality.
The career paths of Foods, Hospitality, Tourism, and Events require individuals with a “passion” for the industry. Since there are many job opportunities in this industry, the children were very interested in the wonders hospitality could offer and will surely contribute as they find their passion and a successful career path.
CAHM is able to create a pathway for a successful future. Contact us on +94 11 240 7780 or mail us on


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