The William Angliss Institute, Australia in partnership with the Colombo Academy of Hospitality Management (CAHM) at SLIIT is the largest Private Hospitality Academy in Sri Lanka and is a dedicated Center for Foods, Tourism, Hospitality and Events. The William Angliss Institute has a proud history with over 75 years of experience and the Melbourne campus annually has over 21,500 local clients, students and 1,300 international students from over 45 countries with more than 100,000 graduates worldwide. Our facilities at the Academy include the largest training kitchen in the country, state of the art equipment and practical space, including a functioning restaurant. The courses are designed with industry needs in mind and work to ensure that our graduates are “industry job ready” from the day they graduate.


Our annual Sinhalese & Tamil New year celebrations event, “Angliss එක්ක අවුරුදු 2017” was held on the 7th April 2017, with the equal contribution of students from all batches, we were able to successfully re-create the traditional Sri Lankan village concept within the academy during the most wonderful time of the year. The event was brightened by the enthusiasm of our students and the Industry who joined forces with us.


At Angliss we encourage these activities as a part of the curriculum in order to enhance team spirit, and to help students understand leadership values and other traits of being a part of the Hospitality, Tourism, Foods and Events industry. Organizing such events and giving these students experience in working under pressure to achieve their goals and said tasks will produce “Career Ready” graduates. At the Academy, we believe in incorporating the “fun” element, to make our campus life interesting and enjoyable.


Want to know more about us? We are one click or call away! Log on to our website , Mail us on or call us on 0112407780-2.


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