Accommodation may be arranged at Royal Park Apartments – 115, Lake Drive, Rajagiriya Colombo. Royal Park telephone numbers: 0112 878 031 or 0112 888 374.

The Tuk Tuk’s (three wheelers) directly outside the apartment are not metered taxis so you will have to barter the price of your destination, which can be more expensive. If you walk out of the apartment, head towards the Standard Chartered Bank (on the left – at the top of Lake Drive) generally 2 to 3 Tuk Tuk’s that are metered will be waiting to collect passengers .

Average trip downtown will be approx.. 500 LKR in a metered Tuk Tuk. Make sure the meter is on and that you have small denominations of money to pay. If Tuk Tuk drivers hassle you, asking where you are going and you don’t want to catch their Tuk Tuk, just tell them you are going for a walk. In most cases, when you say no thank you once, the Tuk Tuk drivers will say O.K and leave you alone.


Apartment (Royal Park – Rajagiriya)

Royal Park Apartments provide luxury accommodation with all the comforts and amenities you could desire. Located at the edge of the city of Colombo, the condominium is situated away from frantic city life. Royal Park offers its residents excellent recreational facilities, shops and other in-house services. The peaceful surroundings are perfect for studying and a relaxed lifestyle, with the city and major amenities within easy reach.

Security Facilities

  • Video and Audio Intercom security system to all individual unit entrances
  • CCTV monitoring system at the boundary of the complex
  • Round the clock security service controlled directly from the control room

Apartment Facilities

  • Heated water and modern sanitary fittings in all bathrooms
  • Separate entrance, room and toilet for domestic help
  • TV/ FM/ Telephone points for individual units
  • Split type air conditioning unit for bedrooms, living and dining rooms
  • Modern kitchen with built in stainless steel sink, hot and cold water, gas and electric
  • Laundry facilities such as a washing machine is provided, some apartments have clothes
  • cooker (Hob) and exhaust hood dryers.


Recreational/ Entertainment Facilities

  • Tennis court
  • Squash court
  • Children’s playground, family friendly environment
  • Large size resort style swimming pool and deck chairs
  • Fully equipped gymnasium / sauna
  • Spacious courtyard ideal for leisure walks and jogging tracks
  • Cafe/ Restaurant & bar – licensed to serve alcohol

Other Facilities

  • Cargill’s Food City Mini Super Market (everything you need, accept fresh meat/ seafood),
  • There are fruit and vegetables, dairy products, frozen produce, personal hygiene and
  • cleaning products. Tobacco/ cigarettes are available for sale.
  • Fully landscaped large garden and courtyard.
  • Beauty salon/ hairdresser.
  • Laundry service kiosk, dry cleaning and repairs.
  • Three backup generators.
  • Situated in a quiet residential area.
  • Healthy environment and bird sanctuary surrounding the condominium.
  • Adjacent to Royal Colombo Golf Club.
  • All-round view of Colombo city and the suburbs.


Other Information about Royal Park

  • Two, three and four bedroom apartments, centrally located 30 mins from the campus and
  • 20 mins to city centre. Transport times vary due to traffic and peak periods.
  • Apartments can have Wi-Fi access arranged.
  • Three Bank ATM’s (10 minute walking distance from the apartments). The ATM’s are
  • Standard Chartered, HSBC and the People’s Bank. The Standard Chartered bank is more
  • suitable as you do not need to cross the major road. Nation’s Trust Bank ATM is near the
  • front security at Royal Park.
  • Apartments can be serviced with domestic cleaning.


Medical / Doctor Service that will come to you at the Royal Park Apartments

Medi-Calls is a 24 hour Medical Support, with a Doctor on call that will come to the apartment. To register for this annual service, you are required to pay a fee. Once the fee is paid you will receive a membership number that you are required to quote when calling for the doctor. A general visit will cost approx.. 3,000 LKR and you will be required to pay cash on the day. Medi-Calls telephone numbers are 011 2556605-8, 5664664 or 5343343-4.


Gas Bottle Replacement (in the apartment)

A.A.R Gas Centre – Home Delivery, 0714668209 or 0722784864

Should the gas bottle run out in your kitchen, please contact the telephone number above for a replacement. The 12.5kg bottle replacement will cost approximately 3,000 LKR (rupees) and cash payment will be required upon delivery. Please keep the receipt and bring it to the Campus Administrative Staff for re-imbursement.


Arrival at Colombo Airport

To make your entry easier, once off the plane you will walk down a large corridor. At the end of the corridor is a statue of Buddha (Please don’t take a photo). At the statue of Buddha, turn left and make your way to Immigration (you must have the appropriate visa to enter Sri Lanka).

Once through Immigration go to the baggage carousel – but you have to walk through Duty Free first. Please note no tobacco is sold at Duty Free on arrival, it is only sold on departure. Once bags are collected and you have nothing to declare, go through the customs green area.

Now entering into the terminal you will be confronted with banks you can change currency here  before leaving the airport, you will need your passport. There are a few ATM’s too.


Central Bank of Sri Lanka – Exchange rates


Customs in Sri Lanka (Airport)

Passenger baggage exemptions – tourists

  • Personal clothing and other essentials;
  • Two regular-size bottles of wine and one and a half litres of spirits;
  • Toilet water (perfume/ aftershave) not exceeding a quarter of a litre, and a small quantity of perfumes and souvenirs, value not exceeding US$250 and goods not meant for commercial purposes.
  • Cigarettes/ Tobacco – technically not allowed to bring in – but no one has been stopped unless locals or carrying excessive amounts of cartons.


Bank & ATM Locations

ATM Locations for Commercial Bank

  • Rajagiriya – Cotta Road
  • Rajagiriya – Sri Jayawardenepura Mawatha just 10 minute walk from Royal Park.(Near McDonalds, there is a Standard Chartered (ideal ATM, gives smaller denominations of notes) at the end of the road and also HSBC opposite near the McDonalds).
  • Rajagiriya – Keels Supermarket

ATM Locations for Sampath Bank

  • Union Place – Colombo 02 (No.228, Union Place)
  • Drive in ATM – Colombo 07 (Dharmapala Mawatha)
  • Sampath Leasing & Factoring : Colombo 07 (No.24A, Ward Place)


ATM Locations for Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank

  • HSBC ATM next to McDonalds Rajagiriya.
  • 63, Union Place, Colombo 2. Customer Service Hotline [94] (11) 2511611
  • 46/38, Forbes & Walker Building, Navam Mawatha, Colombo 2. Customer Service Hotline [94] (11) 2511611
  • 51 A, Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 3. (Kolupittiya) Customer Service Hotline [94] (11) 2511611

Carrying Valuables

Whilst travelling, don't carry too much cash and remember that expensive watches, jewelry and cameras may be tempting targets for thieves. Your passport is a valuable document that is attractive to criminals who may try to use your identity to commit crimes. It should always be kept in a safe place. You are required by law to report a lost or stolen passport. If your passport is lost or stolen overseas, report it online or contact your nearest Embassy or Consulate as soon as possible. You must also report your loss of passport to the nearest police station and obtain a confirmation report of passport loss before you are able to secure an exit visa to leave.



Telephone Costs

As international telephone calls are excessively high when made overseas, please keep this in mind when making overseas calls as the bill/ cost can be very expensive. You may be given a free dialog SIM card at the airport – this is a top up card and really handy. The Cargills Supermarket at Royal Park apartments is where you can give them your phone number and they can place the desired amount of credit you wish to top up. The majority of supermarkets can top up your phone credit.


Internet Based Communication

Internet based communication including email is the most available form of communication and internet/ wifi can be arranged in the apartment. You can minimize the expense of communications through the use of internet services. If you have a laptop or iPad that you are bringing, make sure you bring the relevant battery and cord. Most large supermarkets, sell a variety of power adaptors/ multi plugs.


Using Your Own Phone

If you intend to bring a mobile phone you will need to make sure your service provider allows you to  change SIM cards. This is particularly the case if you have an Apple iPhone. It is recommended you set this up before you leave overseas since it can be a time consuming process to arrange in Sri Lanka. Dialog outlets seem to provide the better service with SIM card and Apple iPhone help. You may have to provide your passport to purchase a SIM.

It is also recommended that you set up arrangements for using pre-purchased phone cards which provide a low cost option for your friends and relatives to contact you whilst in Sri Lanka. It is quite expensive to call from overseas using a mobile phone or land phone so it is best to pre plan your friends or family to call you from overseas using the cheaper phone card option. It is much more expensive for your family and friends calling from Oman, It is suggested you call from Sri Lanka.

The international dial code for Sri Lanka is +94


Lanka Hospital

No 78, Elvitigala Mawatha (Baseline Road), Narahenpita, Colombo 5, Sri Lanka.

Emergency: 1566 Tel: +94 (011) 553 0000 | +94 (011) 543 0000

Fax: +94 (011) 451 1199


Durdans Hospital

3 Alfred Place, Colombo 3, Sri Lanka.

Helpline: 1544 (Short code) +94 (0)11 5410 000 Fax: +94 (0)11 2575302

Accident & Emergency: +94 (0)11 5410 645

Ambulance Service: +94 (0)11 2564 566


Asiri Hospitals PLC

No. 21 – 25, Kirimandala Mawatha, Narahenpita, Colombo 5, Sri Lanka.

Phone +94 11 4524400

Fax +94 11 4527311




It is strongly advised that insurance is arranged well before departing your origin as insurance cover is extremely important before arriving in Sri Lanka. Your insurance policy may have been arranged by your employer or you may have arranged the insurance cover personally. The insurance policy should include cover for travel, unexpected medical expenses and emergency evacuation. You may wish to consider an insurance policy that covers personal valuables including computers, cameras etc.


Medical Assistance & Emergency Procedures

If you become ill during your time in Sri Lanka you should seek medical help. Suitable hospital  contact information has been provided in this booklet, refer to Hospitals. If your illness is not an emergency, it is advisable to contact the medical/ doctor service.
Mosque (Rajagiriya / Nawala)

Nawala Jumma Mosque – Nawala Road B470, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte.


Walking Directions to the Mosque (distance is 1.4km, 17 minutes, comfortably in 30 minutes).


  1. From Royal Park Apartments, head north on Lake Drive (450m)
  2. Turn right at the Standard Chartered Bank (onto Sri Jayawardenepura Mawtha), pass by Budu madura (on the right in 550m)
  3. Sharp right onto B470, pass by Harcourts Pharmacy (on the left in 92m); Nawala Jumma Mosque will be on the left.


Community portal of Sri Lankan Muslims:


This website contains the following information:

  • News
  • Downloads
  • Useful Resources
  • Jumuah Schedules
  • Events & Programmes
  • Quran Explorer
  • Classifieds.


Pedestrian Crossing/ Road Safety

When crossing a road at a pedestrian crossing, do not assume cars and motorbikes will stop. If police are present at a crossing, wait until they signal you can cross the road. Follow the locals until you are comfortable to cross the road by yourself. Unfortunately road/ pedestrian deaths are extremely high in Sri Lanka. If a vehicle flashes its headlights – this is a warning t you that they are not willing to stop. Be very aware of Tuks Tuks and buses.


Personal Safety – Occupational Health & Safety

You are advised to pay particular attention to your surroundings and anything that may affect your  personal safety whilst you are in Sri Lanka; this is a golden travel rule anywhere overseas. When visiting any country for the first time, it is strongly recommended that you have a phone to contact others and travel in pairs if possible, until you feel comfortable of your surroundings. Many places will state that they are safe but exercise caution at all times. It is strongly recommended not to walk alone at night.


Pre-Departure Medical Requirements

There are no pre-required medical vaccinations required for Colombo. Whilst malaria may be a concern if travelling within areas of Sri Lanka, it is not relevant in Colombo.The cost of pre-departure medical examinations and any medically recommended immunisations relating to the offshore study assignment may be paid by you or your employer.


Shopping Centres


It’s a little classy and definitely the most popular department store in Colombo with great interiors. Offers brand-name clothing at great prices and has everything you need in one shop.


Crescat Boulevard

It is one of the finest shopping malls in Colombo. Apart from designer brands, Crescat also offers its customers a Lankan touch by its handicrafts and batik shops like Prasanna batiks. Large Keels Supermarket located on the basement floor, with a pharmacy/ bakery and it’s near the food court.

Address: 89 Galle Road, Colombo 3, Sri Lanka. Google Crescat Boulevard


House of Fashions

Great clothes and very affordable

Baseline Road.

Old Dutch Hospital – Fort

Bars, Restaurants & Nightclubs


Majestic City

Variety of shopping, food court and Movies/ Cinemas (average price of a movie ticket is up to

600LKR. There is a supermarket inside the complex.

Galle Road, Colombo 04


Unity Plaza

Electrical, technical and telecommunications.

Galle Road, Colombo 04 (right next door to Majestic City).


Liberty Plaza

Clothes, telecommunications, souvenirs. Supermarket in the complex below.

RA de Mel Mawatha, Kollupitiya, Colombo 03



There are numerous Arpico Supercentres throughout Colombo. Arpico sells food, clothes, household items and a wine store. The supercentre has just about everything you need.


Useful websites


There are Cargills and Keels supermarkets close by to Royal Park; supermarkets are in Borella and Rajagiriya. Royal Park has a mini Cargill’s that sells all of the basic essentials.

Other supermarkets are listed below and the distance vary.


Arpico Supercentre – Battaramulla

120, Kaduwela Road, Battaramulla.

Phone: 011-4412630



Royal Park has a taxi service, a booking can be made at the hairdressers (Derrick 072 222 6102).

Kangaroo Cabs

Address: No 91 1/7 Galle Road, Colombo 4, Sri Lanka.

Hot line: 0112 588 588

Kangaroo Cabs 0112 501 501

Kangaroo Vans 0112 592 592 Kangaroo City Cabs


Time Difference

Oman is 1.5 hours behind Sri Lanka


Tourism Attractions

Sri Lanka’s official travel and tourism website, visit this website for details on things to do and see right throughout Sri Lanka.

Trip Advisor and lonely planet have a detailed list of attractions to visit whilst in Colombo.

Ideal trips for a long weekend include:

  • Galle
  • Kandy

Transportation – to & from

Transportation could be arranged via a third party.


Travel Advice

Every Government provides travel advice and consular information services to their citizens before & whilst travelling overseas. It is important that you visit your government website prior to your travel: It is advisable to record the telephone numbers of your country’s High Commission or Consulate before departing. If you lose your passport, you will need to contact and report to the relevant country of origin, immediately.


Visa Requirements

For information on visa requirements in Sri Lanka, please visit

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