Advanced Diploma Programme With A Degree Pathway In Australia

As an institute that is specializing in Hospitality, Tourism, Foods and Events management, CAHM gives you the opportunity of obtaining variety of certifications and Advanced diploma based on your entry qualifications.

Certificate III in Hospitality

This qualification combines entry level practical skills and relevant theoretical knowledge in customer service, workplace hygiene, coaching, introduction to food knowledge, food and beverage service, coffee and beverage knowledge. After successful completion of this qualification students may progress to Certificate IV in Hospitality and are also qualified for entry level positions in the hospitality industry.

Certificate IV in Hospitality

This program covers relevant theoretical knowledge in areas such as customer relations in hospitality, health, safety, security and food knowledge. Your studies continue with an emphasis on supervision with a specific focus on introductory finance, safety and security and stock control. Continue your studies to complete the Diploma.


This qualification gives you a broad understanding of hospitality, and begins to explore in substantial depth, theoretical concepts relating to: business operations, hospitality budgeting, workplace diversity, legal knowledge for business, rostering, and service quality. On completion of the Diploma, employment opportunities are available at middle management. Continue your studies to complete the Advanced Diploma. Elective bundles cover areas such as hotel management and business ownership.

Advanced Diploma of Hospitality

This qualification consolidates your skills and knowledge gained from the Advanced Certificate of hotel operations and the Diploma, and further develops your knowledge in the areas of business planning, financial operations, managing human resources, marketing strategy, and property management. On completion of the Advanced Diploma of Hospitality, employment opportunities become available in a variety of hospitality management functional areas. Elective bundles cover areas such management and function and venue management.


Hospitality Management – January / June / September
Commercial Cookery – January / June / September
Event Management – January / June / September

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