1. What is the minimum requirement to enroll?

The student must have a minimum of five passes (including English) in G.C.E Ordinary Level examinations.

2. What is this institute affiliated with?

Colombo Academy of Hospitality Management (CAHM) is a joint venture between Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT) and the William Angliss Institute, Australia.

3. What are the facilities provided at the institute?

  • Equipped classrooms
  • Sri Lanka’s largest training kitchen
  • Qualified panel of lecturers and a celebrity chef to train the students
  • Uniforms and tools provided from the second semester onwards
  • Restaurant

4. What are the other facilities provided at the campus?

  • Library
  • Gymnasium
  • Basketball court
  • Tennis court
  • SLIIT student sports union where our students can be a part of the fun activities organized

5. Where are the lecturers from?

The lecturers have a hospitality background and are highly qualified; one third of our lecture panel is from the William Angliss institute.

The institute has guest lecturers from the William Angliss institute Australia frequently.

6. Can I find accommodation if I join?

CAHM is based in Malabe a highly commercialized area where you will find many boarding and lodging places. Please speak to our Administration Team for more information.

7. Will you provide transport?

We provide transport from Kolpity to Malavbe and back – Starting from Kolpity at 7.30am to Malabe From Malabe there will be two shuttles leaving at 12.30pm and 5.40pm to Kolpity

8. What is the curriculum based?

It is based on Foods, Hospitality, Tourism and Events which are part of the curriculum in the William Angliss Institute.

9. How can I get my meals?

We have a cafe run by our very own students where the food and beverages are value for money.

10. How does internship apply to me if I join the institute?

We inform the industry once a batch has graduated, where the student with his/her skills will face an interview then gain a management trainee position at a respectable organization.

11. Am I eligible to do the degree at William Angliss Australia after I finish my advance diploma?

Yes you will be able to do the degree at the William Angliss Institute, Australia.

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